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UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE:  Legal dependents of a member may attend at member prices if the member is their legal guardian and they are listed in the "Children Under 18" field below.  Activity attendance by minors may also be subject to age appropriateness for the activity and any policies for the particular activity.  For more information regarding age requirements inquire on the contact page or in person.

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The Denver Turnverein, Inc.
Liability Waiver for Participants

Acknowledgement of Risk: I understand that there are risks of injury associated with all forms of dancing and that I assume such risks for myself and any dependents and agree that, the Denver Turnverein, Inc., Colorado Swing Dance Club, Salsa Central Denver, Rocky Mountain Swing Club, Tango Colorado, and the staff and Board of Directors are not responsible in any way for any injury I, my dependents, and/or guests may suffer as a result of the events, classes, dances, and/or contests at The Denver Turnverein, Inc.  My entrance to the classes, dances, or contests also implies that I consent to the use of my voice and/or image to be reproduced in the Denver Turnverein media or any promotional material. 

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